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New therapy Style: Contemplative Awareness Developed by John Brennan McLean

Our approach is a new therapeutic approach that helps you be in touch with body and mind. Developing contemplative awareness helps many individuals who do not have inner direction and live life wayward. Imagine living your life from a place deep within that is meaningful and purposeful. Life can indeed be a rich inner experience. When we live from our 'deep humanity,' we can handle stress better. A holistic approach that includes expressive arts, existential therapy, somatic therapy, CBT, and using one's imagination to quell anxiety, depression, and other less-than-ideal emotional and thought patterns. We offer a way to shape a new inner world, a new self, where serenity is much more accessible. This is a way to adopt a free-flow creative interaction with the river of life. Riding on top of the waves is far superior to being pulled into the currents below. If you are running from your emotions, this may be a sign that you need a new approach to life.

John Brennan McLean

Registered Psychotherapist, BA, MES, MACP


John Brennan McLean, BA, MES, MACP, is a Registered Psychotherapies who uses all different types of therapy styles in his practise which may include CBT, ACT, DBT, and his new type of therapy that is called Contemplate Awareness Therapy.  Contemplation simply means opening up to Reality and Life from one's whole being or person. It means being in touch with our own humanity. This involves a shift from constant thinking about my life and all of the things I cannot control to one whereby I am grounded and begin to experience a feeling of security or "being held".Thoughts and behavior has a direct effect on our emotions and feelings. We can alter our emotions by shifting our thoughts and behaviour patterns. Thoughts and behaviours flow downstream from the desire and intention of our hearts. Contemplative Awareness Therapy in a safe environment where a person can begin to shift the direction of their life to one whereby life is experienced more fully and anxiety is quelled is what I offer to you. My whole life has been centered on this search for inner calm and I hope to share it with you.

BB Balane - Certified Coach Practitioner

BB Balane

Certified Coach Practitioner

BB Balane has over 20 years experience in personal training, career caching, fitness and nutritional counseling. She is an Executive Fitness Coach Practitioner, Registered Fitness Appraiser, and a previous Health Club co-owner. She offers Inspirational Motivational One on One Personal Training Sessions, Group Sessions and Online Remote Sessions and  Action Plans.  Self Care Assessments and Mindfulness Therapy are also available. She has a proven track record with unique action plans that she designs for her individual clients to get them to a specific goal they would like to reach. Her passion is improving client’s overall health, vitality, well-being and anti-aging. She offers Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping Therapy and EMDR Therapy for PTSD and other anxiety and trauma disorders. She just recently published her first book called “Resilient Eyes”. This book is about becoming successful in every aspect of her life, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially despite growing up with circumstances or trauma far beyond what most people can even imagine. Please check out her new book on Amazon.  

Can life’s obstacles, difficulties and scarcities be your keys to success?

A little girl trapped in poverty, abuse and quiet desperation escapes into imaginative thoughts to survive and ultimately flourish. She learns to re-interpret beyond emotional, psychological and physical traumatic events at a young age to a state of wonder and awe. Her described understanding of in-depth struggles and challenges are viewed as learning experiences for life success. Her attitude is positive and curious as she demonstrates with her resilient spirit that it is not about where you come from or if you fit in that really matters.  It’s all about who you become!

The simplicity of BB’s words carries profound meaning. Her way of communicating is fresh and cuts through to the heart of the matter. I understand life to be an amazing journey after reading this book. Her way of communicating is fresh and cuts through to the heart of the matter. I understand life to be an amazing journey after reading this book. It’s almost like you can get inside this little child’s mind and heart to feel what she feels. I found myself rooting for this little girl to discover her dreams successfully.

"She did!" John Brennan McLean – Registered Psychotherapist – Ontario

“Magnetically written" A young girl masterfully reframes her vexing life lessons” Dennis Gratton O’Neill